Since establishment of Reigncom R&D center 6 years ago, with the spirit of ‘innovating and climbing’, we had rapidly established a first-class base in China which basically meets the requirements of biochemical and immunological in-vitro diagnostic reagent R&D. We   invested more than 20 million Chinese yuan in research and development, established a standardized R&D site of more than 500 square meters, and owns more than 120 experimental equipment and instruments including Hitachi automatic biochemical analyzer and Hitachi low-temperature high-speed freezing centrifuge.

We’ve adopted modern management system and set up a leading R&D team with talents as the core since the beginning. Our management team led by overseas doctors owns 13 technical personnel with college degree or above, and 9 professional R&D technicians. Various management systems are sound, competitive performance appraisal scheme and equity incentive plan have been formulated, and high-standard quality assurance system has been established, which has passed the TUV ISO13485 certification in 2014.

Since the establishment of the R&D center 6 years age, we’ve successfully established a mature biochemical product development platform and independently developed 88 biochemical detection reagent projects. The reagent developed by the emulsion enhanced immunoturbidimetric method development platform has good stability, sensitivity, wide linear range and strong anti-interference ability, and the application of this platform is at the leading level in China. And we’ve also applied for 46 national patents, 12 of which have been authorized for invention, been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and Shanghai patent demonstration pilot unit. Reigncom has the experience and strength to undertake scientific and technological innovation projects and has obtained several funded projects in Shanghai and Minhang district including Shanghai supported technological innovation project CRP detection kit (latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetry), Minhang Ditrict supported technological innovation project ApoE detection kit (immunoturbidimetry), R&D key projects by Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology  Exploitation and application of anti-EDNR diagnostic kit based on antigen peptide, project especially supported by Zhangjiang special development fund HCY detection kit. We actively maintains technical cooperation and exchanges with scientific research institutions and universities, and has been awarded "Practice teaching base" of medical laboratory department of Shanghai Jiaotong university medical college and "practice teaching base" of Shanghai health medical college.